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ADOPTAPAGE.COM - Enabling Comic Book Creators to take back full control and funding of their projects.

Why I set up this page

About a year ago I set out to have a story of mine converted into a comic book - I jumped aboard the Kickstarter train. I made a good run for it and nearly made the initial costs for the graphical production. However I had set things up for the big shiny one and included a print run and all so the Kickstarter came up short as I was nearing the deadline, I had chosen the 30 day run Kickstarter suggested, rather that stranding with a failed Kickstarter before the deadline was out I canceled the run in order to be able to communicate with my backers as I was not ready to throw the towel in on my comic.

Instead I've been toiling away to raise the funds for finishing the job and as I am writing this we are about 7 pages into the final production. I know I will be able to pull this off, but it would be nice to do more.

I have two more comics to bring to life potentially more so what to do. Kickstarter feels to restraining and I came to thinking why should comic book creators let them take such a huge cut of what is needed for the production of our work, so the idea was born. What if I could create a decentralized window for comicbook creators to showcase their work. Creators could use their preferred payment procesors, and they could keep control of their work striding forward according to their own deadlines, creating comics one page at the time and not according to some arbitrary 30-60 day limit that the powers that be on different crowdfunding platforms decide to impose on you

What I hope to bring?

Put shortly FREEDOM!!! I want creators using ADOPTAPAGE.COM to be free from the stress and able to concentrate on what they do best create. As ADOPTAPAGE.COM grows it has the potential to become a comics creation hub where comics are showcased and hopefully a community of comic creators can collude on making the best darn comics possible.

How it will work.

Basically each comic will be listed in a directory, each page can be showcased according to the creators intnet and people will be offered to adopt pages in question. Exactly what adoption means is up to the individual creator - For me it means a name embedded on a page, for another creator it could be inclusion of a character, a company or another token related to the page. The adoption could mean the person adopting the page gets a unique T-Shirt with the page signed by the artist or writer. The idea is that the reward is something that creates a bond between the creator and the adoptive guardian. The intent is for creators to be able to do something unique in connection with their comic meaning rewards can be unique for each page. ADOPTACOMIC.COM also allows for general crowdfunding so people can simply support their favorite creators and again it is important to notice that the intent is to cut out the middleman bringing the creators and the fans closer together.

Everything will be hosted with a service the creator feels comfortable, graphics, social networking pages etc.

Payments to creators will be done through services and by means the creators feels comfortable with, be it Paypal, Stripe, bitcoin or some other means and not by our site taking a bite of the proceeds holding the creators hostage inside an ecosystem while milking them dry.

Want to join me ? Well....

The BETA is open! - Got a comic to produce ? - Apply for inclusion in the BETA, click here

Got anything else on your mind?

Write me a line or two! same link (oh and please be patient).


All rights to suggestions regarding this site, or any other topics/submission, is automatically granted to and signed over to Einar Petersen and ADOPTACOMIC.COM once you submit, this includes the right to use, link to, create derivative works distribute etc. the submitted materials i.e. all rights. There will be no time limit on said rights. The granted rights will run on a perpetual royaltyfree basis, with no geographic limitations.

Notice this is not in relation to your own works that you may choose to present through the service. Those works you retain the full rights for, Einar Petersen and ADOPTAPAGE.COM are however granted a non exclusive, royaly free perpetual worldwide permission to use such materials for PR related efforts / promotions in connection with the service offered here.

您的评论. 一旦您提交评,您对所作的评论的所有权利将自动全部转让Einar Petersen,包括使用权,链接权,创作衍生作品等所有权利。 对所述权利没有时间限制,永远免版税并且没有地域限制。

Anything sent over the form is handled by a 3'rd party if you wish to contact me using your own email client and email server click here Please understand same submission guidelines apply for a regular email, as mentioned above for the form submission!

Please notice this is all a rough BETA - The site will be made all shiny and user friendly as we stride ahead. I hope the above has made it clear what I intend to achieve by setting this site up and I hope you will support the site as well as the creators you may find here.

Kind Regards

Einar Petersen - Creator of ADOPTAPAGE.COM

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