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Einar Petersen

After the war everyone was chipped.

Just keeping people "safe and healthy". No more carrying creditcards, keys or documents, so convenient they had said.

Turned out to be a total nightmare!!!

 - What a surprise!

Luckily a few had seen it coming and had prepared to Resist...

Kyle knew it was time!

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Illustration: Ira Black
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Project Description

Some years ago, I wrote a short story called Implant!

The inspiration at that time came from my outrage of hearing politicians seriously talking about having people wearing electronic ID tags

It was imagined at the time they'd be wearing it in buttons and the like.

I forget the names, but it seems there are still people salivating about that idea, now more than ever.

This comic is a an exploration of the idea to chip humans.

Currently I am in the process of producing a 25 pages dark comic.

The inital layout and concept sketches for the storyboard are in place.

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